“You just help people buy and sell houses, right?”

Not exactly. When a client is ready to buy or sell a home, it’s because a big life event happened or is about to happen: having a baby, retirement, all the kids are grown up and moved out… You name it. Life ebbs and we flow to try to keep up with it.

At Steve Volkers Group, we understand how making a big decision like buying or selling a home feels because, well, we’ve been there. We understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with questions like, How much room will I/we need? What if we have children? What type of community do I see myself living in? Can I build a fort in the backyard? (Maybe that last one’s just us.)

While you can’t predict every ebb life will take, you can take steps to be prepared. Step one: Giving us a call. We make it our mission to explore and experience the communities we serve from the ground level. We’ve built partnerships with community members, local businesses, and organizations to give our clients the very best. Doing this work also helps us be the experts of not just real estate, but the many lifestyles and needs of our clients.

We specialize in everything- from that first home to luxury estates; from sharp, downtown condos to that beautiful cottage on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan.

Ready to get started? Let us be your guide, answer your questions, and help bring you peace of mind.

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