Top 5 Horror Flick Moments in Real Estate

If you’ve ever watched a classic scary movie – at Halloween or anytime – you know that houses in general tend to be a favorite gathering spot for ghosts, gravediggers and other ghouls …

And for those in the real estate business? It can turn downright sinister!

On this Halloween day, we’re celebrating all this scary, spooky stuff real estate style with a little blog we like to call:

SVG’s Top 5 Horror Flick Moments in Real Estate!   

1. That Bone-Chilling Moment When … 

Manic real estate agent Knock presents fellow agent Hutter with a letter from Count Orlok expressing his wishes to purchase a house in the city.  — Nosferatu, 1922


2. That Dawning-Horror Moment When … 

Suburban-family-man-turned-ghostbuster Steven Freeling confronts real estate developer Mr. Teague after realizing that his family’s new home was built on a disturbed Indian burial ground and that Teague “Only moved the headstones!”  — Poltergeist, 1982


3. That Cold-Sweat Inducing Moment When … 

The recently widowed and tremendously gifted composer John Russell realizes that the Victorian-era mansion he’s been renting from the local historic homes commission has a restless inhabitant who likes to play tricks.  — The Changeling, 1980


4. That Spine-Tingling Moment When … 

Kidnapper/dungeon-keeper Jame Gumb invites lone FBI agent Clarice Starling into his house to wait in the foyer while he searches for property tax records from the previous homeowner.  — Silence of the Lambs, 1991


And finally …


5. That Scalp-Crawling Moment When … 

That safe haven you thought you found while trying to navigate your way through haunted woods in the middle of the night turns out to be none other than the hallowed homestead of the legendary Blair Witch herself!  — The Blair Witch Project, 1999


Stay cozy on this chilly Halloween Night, and have a safe and spooktacular holiday, everyone!


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