Seller Information

We know selling a home is one of life’s biggest changes. We will work with you to sell your home and maximize your return. The listing process can certainly be overwhelming, but we will make sure to get your questions answered and have a good time doing so.



The goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure and engagement as possible. The way your home is marketed will impact its final sale price. We focus on things like visual marketing, web placement, open houses and social media for national engagement. We work with the area’s top photographers to deliver premium photos, videos, floor plans, etc. Quality is key, which is why we first get to know your home’s quirks and character before moving on to visual media marketing. This means our director of marketing may be on site with the photographer to make sure we get it right.



We know that social media is one of the most prevalent marketing tools out there. We also know that people are more likely to watch a short video than read an article, which is why we are connected on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition, we will place your home on the Multiple Listings Service, or MLS, which syncs with Grand Rapids Association of REALTORS, Zillow, Trulia and These sites have national reach and are searchable by all internet users.



A systematic approach helps everything move along smoothly and effortlessly by keeping every detail in order. Which is why we have a system for each listing. The process involves you, your agent and the entire Steve Volkers Group team. Once we’ve captured the character of your home through photos and video, we will push your listing live using carefully crafted verbiage and content. We set up showings that work with your schedule, calendar and timeframe. We will also recommend planning your home’s open house for the weekend after it is listed to maximize potential traffic. The buyer pool in today’s market has access to our many online resources making open houses a great way for buyers to “browse” in person.



Whether this is your first rodeo or you’ve been down this road before, we will work with you to make sure all questions are heard and answered. We will provide you with a list of expectations and work with you to make sure they are met. You can count on the fact that we will never leave you in the dark!


Ready to get started? Click here to fill out our Seller’s Form and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also download our Seller’s Guide.