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Stable Neighborhood

Thank you for visiting www.stableneighborhoods.com. We believe in stable neighborhoods through the work of local non-profits rebuilding and growing our community. Here is a couple of some of those non-profits doing the heavy lifting to provide stable housing that benefits families and ultimately our community.


Inner City Christian Federation

ICCF A Grand Rapids Non-profit helping build stable neighborhoods
ICCF’s Mission: “ICCF is a non-profit organization shaped by the belief that everyone deserves safe, clean, affordable housing. This is our response to God’s desire that we seek justice in our communities. ICCF is a reflection of gratitude for Christ’s saving grace and our desire for others to see His love in action.”


Dwelling Place

Dwelling Place’s Mission Statement: “Dwelling Place improves the lives of people by creating quality affordable housing, providing essential support services and serving as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization.”


Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County’s Mission Statement: “Habitat for Humanity of Kent County strengthens families and communities in service to God through partnerships, house building and affordable home ownership.”


Lighthouse Communities

Lighthouse Communities’ Missions Statement: “Lighthouse Communities’ mission is to “help grass-roots non-profit community development groups create affordable housing in their neighborhood for the purpose of stimulating community revitalization.” We are founded on the premise of linking community-organizing efforts with real estate development. We use both cutting edge community development techniques and the latest tools for real estate development in helping neighbors, business owners, and neighborhood stakeholders realize their visions for the community.”