Your Individual Toolkit

Every buyer has their own individual toolkit. Your toolkit holds the tools that you can use to make your offer stand out. The tools you have are dependent upon your financial situation, contingencies and flexibility regarding possession. For example, if you have some cash on hand, you might offer to pay Sellers closing costs. Or if you’re a new buyer you’ll be able to mark “no contingencies”. These tools can help your offer stand out in a multiple bid situation.


While its important to understand all of your tools, sometimes the simplest and cleanest offer is the best. Additionally, having great communication between your buyers agent and the listing agent can set your offer apart. Make sure you have an experienced buyers agent that is ready and willing to call the listing agent to understand what they are looking for and to ask questions. 
To learn more about your toolkit, click here. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming blogs on Escalation Clauses, Non-Reundable EMD’s, Waiving of Inspections, Paying for Sellers Closing Costs and more!


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