What is a Thought Leader?

What is a Thought Leader?

“There Steve goes again! The stuff he finds in his head ….”

These words have become a familiar mantra for many of those that I have worked or travelled with on business over the years. Said often by my Steve Volkers Group associates back in the day  (and usually accompanied by an affectionate roll of the eyes), they came to know that when my head gets crowded with new ideas, well, I get a little antsy. Anxious, even, some might say – though I prefer to think of it as unadulterated excitement!

Now in my new position as Strategic Innovative Consultant for Berkshire-Hathaway, I’m dedicating myself to helping other agents foster the growth of new ideas, harness that excitement and help turn those brilliant Aha! moments into successful business strategies. I recently had someone ask me if my new role is one of a thought leader.

A thought leader? Hmmm … I’ll be honest, I had to Google that one!

“Thought leader can refer to an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.” – Wikipedia

Interesting way to think about things, no? Maybe this is where thought leadership starts and ends for me. I have tons of thoughts about where Real Estate is heading, after all – how to market, how to build teams and how to fall down and pick yourself up each step of the way. But who’s to say I’m a leader in those areas more than any other agent I work with on a day-to-day basis?

So you know what I think? I think leadership has a whole lot more to do with love than with expertise or being “the best.” If you love what you do, you will find that you naturally lead others simply by way of your passion for the subject at hand. It’s almost as if that passion creates an invisible magnetic field that pulls others in toward your center and compels them to follow close. So yeah, I consider myself a leader – a leader of the real estate profession that I love.

I love telling others what’s going on in my head.
I love growing my career and myself along with people who want to mutually succeed.
I love to openly share my ideas without worrying about the outcome.
I love to write, blog and vlog about real estate.
I love to dream about a bigger world with new hope and goals.
I love to set the course of action based on where I feel myself being led by a Higher Power.

I hope that as I embark on this new journey you will learn, grow and love mutually with me – one blog, one video and social media share at a time.



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December 7, 2015

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