Treating everyone fairly doesn’t mean everyone is equal.

Treating everyone fairly doesn’t mean everyone is equal.

My goal is to treat everyone fairly, but that doesn’t mean everyone is equal.

This makes so much since to me! My boys, at least 5 time a day, say “ Dad that’s not fair” when one gets or does something the other is not able to do. As a parent, especially twins boys, this is a constant in our house and I am sure in many of your homes.

You see, life is not fair and we are not all equal. What we can strive to do is to be fair to those humans we come in contact with and show them the grace we have all be given. Treat each person with the respect that our Heavenly Father would be proud of.

I so wish we all had an equal chance, or an equal playing field. It’s not easily there and no leader is going to be able to give you this. My belief is that we are all created in the Master’s image and in this, we all have the opportunity to be full of love and life. We all have the ability to grow, learn and become what is called of us to be.

In this tough world where we sometimes feel staked against, we are told life is not fair. Promises are made that sometimes aren’t kept.

We know that no human has that power.


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December 30, 2016

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