The Genuine You is the ONLY You!

The Genuine You is the ONLY You!

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Take a look at ANYONE’S LinkedIn profile. Ever wonder how much of the bio descriptive is genuine and how much is just resume highlights?

Time and time again, I have listened to social media trainers drill into our heads about how you should put all of your contact info in the top ‘About’ section of LinkedIn and label all the search terms you can think of to describe you, so that you’ll come to the top of the search results when people go looking for someone with your professional attributes.

I struggle this this concept. It’s not a bad strategy in and of itself – maybe someone WILL call you if you utilize such nifty tricks. But I’ve always just thought the being the genuine you is all you need to do to attract the people you WANT to work with.

It’s amazing to see over the course of my real estate career how like attracts like. I find that my clients turn out to be very much like me, and other agents’ clients are like them. There’s nothing wrong with this. We’re naturally drawn to those who share our same attributes. Being the genuine you will not only make life easier but so much more enjoyable because you’ll end up spending more time with people who you just naturally click with.

So whether you’re on social media or networking at a business function, instead of thinking about how to make your profile appear as politically correct as possible; instead of trying to position yourself in such a way as to attract specific attention, or reduce your profile or introduction to a string of keywords and catchphrases, think about being the best genuine you you’re able to!

Try it – you’ll find that you don’t even have to try so hard at all to just be you! And then when the phone begins to ring with clients, you won’t have to figure out how to be someone else.


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December 7, 2015

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