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Here at Steve Volkers Group, we realize marketing is a key component to success in the real estate world. For many people, this new age in digital marketing may come off as a scary change, but I am here to provide tips for those who need a bit of encouragement to start marketing themselves. It is important to start your branding by creating and running a successful website that becomes a useful resource for community specific information.

Start by having your logo and other creative elements flow throughout all of your social media sites, so friends become familiar with what your branding looks like. Do you know what the best part about real estate marketing is? YOUR CONSUMERS WANT TO SEE YOUR LIFE AS A REAL HUMAN BEING, no fakeness is needed here! So next, let’s see that personality! Here at Steve Volkers Group, we use our website and social media channels as domains to be ourselves and to make connections on a more personal level.

The best place to start if you ALREADY have a website is by tracking your website analytics to see what attracts your raving fans, then it can build from there. Knowing what draws a consumer’s attention is important to building website content, graphics, etc. The website is also a place where listings can be posted for everyone to see, so using digital marketing and focusing on a website’s urgency can really have a bigger impact than some may think. At Steve Volkers Group, we always strive to have that personality shine throughout our website, but we also make sure our content is effective. Take a look at our website, which is currently being constructed to be the best it can be, & if you have any comments or suggestions, I always love feedback. Thanks for reading!

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