Riding Together

Riding Together

Lately, I seem to have developed a knack for art pieces. Now, I’m not really into art, nor do I have an eye for it. But clean, simple images and drawings seem to be inspiring me lately (maybe a new hobby is coming my way??). A few weeks ago, I found another motivational piece to add to my budding collection.

Every year, the Creston Neighborhood Association hosts its annual Art Battle event. The event invites members of the community to watch local artists create and shape pieces that can later be bid on by the public. All proceeds made during the event go back into the Creston neighborhood and the community.

As I walked though the crowd of guests, I watched the artists, intently flicking their tools and supplies as they brought their ideas to life.  Just as I was coming back through, I stopped and noticed an artist illustrating a tandem bike with beer and paint (Amazing, right?).

As I watched the artist work, it’s like the bike jumped of the paper and begged me to ride it! Then I started to think: Who would I take for a ride on the bike? Who would sit in front? Who would sit behind?

When I started Steve Volkers Group in 2007, I didn’t know it would shape into the firm it has and grow to become SVG Real Estate Firm. One thing I do know is that I could not do it alone. Sure, I might be a good salesperson. But just being a good salesman doesn’t mean I have it all together. I need other talented individuals to help make a business succeed. I need others to help me pedal.

To me, leadership is like a tandem bike. As a leader, we’re responsible for pedaling forward our teams and motivate them to keep pressing on. However, without communication, we might end up pedaling forward in the wrong direction. The purpose of the tandem is to work together towards a common direction. To keep moving forward, everyone needs to communicate, stay focused, and just keep pedaling.


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June 9, 2015

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