What Do You Really NEED In A Home Verses What You WANT?!

What Do You Really NEED In A Home Verses What You WANT?!

When my husband I bought our first home I was 6 months pregnant and we were moving back to Grand Rapids, both with new jobs. I’ve always wanted an old house, one that I could make my own. One that would give me the chills every time I drove into the driveway. One that I could picture our children coming home to in college and saying “this is where I grew up”.

As an avid lover of decorating and interior design I had NO issues at all with moving walls, tearing out kitchens and completely gutting a house. Double that with my raging pregnancy hormones and I had some un-realistic views of what would be the best fit for our family at that time.

We had one day in town, and eleven houses to see. Two stood out by the end of the day. The first home was almost one hundred years old, and needed A LOT of work. But it had a guest house and a vineyard with a wrap around driveway. The second home was a five year old move in ready split level.

I wanted the older home, and my husband, “Mr. Reasonable” and “Even Keeled” wanted the new home. To me it lacked character. To him it was just plain easier. With becoming new parents, starting new jobs and moving back to Grand Rapids, he was right. This home would be a better fit for us right now. And it was. Over the three years we lived there we made some neat upgrades that gave the home more character. We painted, installed new floors and landscaped. But we didn’t have to deal with a new furnace or roof or moving walls, any of the expensive and bigger projects.

When we did finally sell our first home and buy the 100 year old farm house I remember thinking that this home had much more character than I gave it credit for. We made memories in the home. We brought both of our girls home from the hospital, had many family holidays and friend gatherings. It was a really great house for us at the time when we needed it to be simple. And the simple updates we did really paid off when we went to sell the home.

So it lead me to thinking, and helps me to coach my first time home buyers… what do you really need in a home verses what you want? I won’t sugar coat it. This is a hard market for first time home buyers. With the lack on inventory you may loose out on a few bids before you win one. So it’s important to really know what you truly need in a home verses what you want. It’s also important to think about your goals for your first home. Are you planning to stay 5, 10 years? Or is this the home you want to stay in for 30 years. Answering these questions is an important first step on your home buying journey and I can coach you along the way 🙂

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Maria Kauffman


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May 15, 2017

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