Effective Marketing through Facebook

Effective Marketing through Facebook

What is it about Facebook that draws people together to communicate, connect & explore? I have found that Facebook is probably number #1 social source for users of all ages, which sparks an interest that Facebook is THE site to market on the most. What a lot of people don’t realize is the amount of opportunity that Facebook allows when striving for new clients & new business inquiries.If you know where to market on Facebook, you already have started the foundation to a better online marketing plan for your business and to get more leads, now it is time to run with it!

Here are some reasons why Steve Volkers Group markets on Facebook:

  1. It’s FREE [you can’t beat that!]
  2. Most people are glued to the internet, which for us is GREAT [according to studies, people can be on facebook for almost six hours a day]
  3. People love pictures & Facebook is a great place to advertise your real estate properties and make them look pretty
  4. More and more people are joining Facebook each day, it only keeps growing
  5. Facebook allows us to connect with not only new clients, but also past [it is always important to stay in touch with past clients, they are the people who review you, you know]

A lot of these facts about how marketing and Facebook connect are already known. I think the most effective way to get the point across as to why real estate marketing on Facebook works is by sharing some tips that I have come across through my marketing & social media experience


  • Create a business page [Hint: the main difference between a business page and your own personal profile page is that the business page is where business deals can happen while your own profile is where you can find your friends!]
  • Add all of your other social media links to your Facebook page [this way all of your platforms can be reached from one destination!]
  • If you are into blogging like I am, make sure to post & connect your blogs to your Facebook page [This allows people to click on the blog which will attract them back to your company website, where leads can then be generated, BOOM!]
  • BOOST POSTS! It can cost up to $5 and I bet your morning coffee was more than that [This allows you to generate more attraction to a certain post, lets say a listing. Then, you can customize to who you want this post to really attract!]
  • Comment! Comment! Comment! [People love interaction, make sure you react and reply to when someone comments on your post and asks questions, they could be just the lead you were looking for!]


It is time to start getting connected.

Thanks for reading!

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July 7, 2016

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