Why Real Estate Isn’t Taking A Break This Winter

Why Real Estate Isn’t Taking A Break This Winter

You think real estate takes a hault in the winter? Well think again! In my last 4 years as an agent, November and December were always in my top 3 when considering my total closings.

Not everyone has the luxury of planning when they are going to move. Some folks have unexpected career alterations, and family changes that affect their decision. Other people have been on the loosing side of this multiple offer, fast paced market and are still out there hunting. No matter what situation they come from, my point is that there are still buyers out there for you!

Typically a buyer that is looking for a home in the winter months is a very serious buyer! That may mean fewer strangers tracking through your home with their dirty shoes on (such a bummer, I know), but it also means more interested buyers. Buyers that are not wasting your time with cleaning and vacating your home because they want to “get a feel for what’s out there.”

If you don’t believe me, watch me. My husband and I will be selling our investment property at the start of 2017. Our market here in Grand Rapids has more than enough buyers that will be ready, willing, and able come the new year regardless of how many shiny snowflakes may be falling.

So turn that frown up side down. Make that smile stay a while. Don’t get snappy, just be happy. As a seller in Grand Rapids, Michigan, there is not a bad month to sell a home. Our market is booming and you should take advantage of it while it’s still around!



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October 12, 2016

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