When the Pie Gets Smaller…

When the Pie Gets Smaller…

When the pie gets smaller we have to change our table manners

I heard this comment at the National Association of Realtor Conference. I loved it! The comment was in reference to what happens when the economy shifts, and in turn, the real estate sales market adjusts. 

In my area of Michigan, we see signs of shift or adjustment all the time. We have many new agents jumping into real estate, real estate brokers consolidating and expanding, and lastly, teams continuing to grow and prosper.

Ultimately, pie is changing. We have similar or higher sales but not to the point of seeing each new agent, team or brokerage surviving on the same pie.

What this brings me to is to determine the second part, and the most important piece, of this phrase “Changing our Table Manners.” Agents, teams and brokers are going to be going through their year-end review and determining if the table they are sitting at has the “manners” to help them grow, maintain or succeed.

There are many options out there to determine what Model/Company/Team you would want to join. The best advice I can give you is to look, not at the price a company/team/model is going to charge you, but look at the balance of services provided to the cost of those services. I think when you review all of the companies/teams in the market you can determine which has the best place setting for you to succeed in. This is always a ROI on what you’re paying or not paying for!

If you’re starting to determine where you want to be seated for the next five years, I would love to be a part of that conversation! Let’s chat about your pie, how much you want to eat and determine where the best place is for you.

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December 30, 2016

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