Why You Need An Agent On Your Side!

Why You Need An Agent On Your Side!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.46.36 PMDo it yourself” is a term that we seem to be constantly bombarded with. Whether you’re watching HGTV, scrolling through Pinterest, or watching YouTube videos, you’re sure to come across some kind of DIY tutorial. While I’m all for a good craft project, buying or selling real estate is one project I would not advise one to “do it yourself”. Here’s a quick list of why you need a professional Real Estate Agent on your side…

1. Guidance – A real estate agent is so much more than a person who just unlocks front doors for you. A great real estate agent should provide guidance by explaining possible scenarios, interpreting the market, and suggesting strategies when negotiating a contract. Their words of wisdom might not always be exactly what you are hoping to hear, but beating around the bush never got anyone anywhere.

2. Peace of mind – Hopefully your agent has been around the block and is familiar with this fast paced market we are experiencing right now. If you’re looking for a clean, well maintained, move-in ready home, chances are you are going to run into some multiple offer situations.  By working with an agent who is familiar with this fast paced real estate market you are sure to have an advantage when you do decide to move forward with presenting or accepting an offer.

3. Legal soundboard – A great agent/brokerage will have a solid relationship with a local real estate attorney.  Lets hope that you experience a smooth buying/selling transaction and never have to worry the advantages of having a legal professional on your side. No one ever likes to see a real estate transaction get ugly, but lets face it, it can happen! So set yourself up for success early on. By committing to a real estate agent, you will have access to free legal guidance if a transaction you’ve involved in ever gets sour.

4. Friendship – The buying and selling process can be stressful. Having an agent that you can grow to love and trust is sure to give you some additional mental stability when you need it most. A great professional friendship will not only help to create a more enjoyable transaction, but a higher level of commitment on both sides.

Audrey Black


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July 21, 2016

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