Million Dollar Listing: Grand Rapids?

Feb 23, 2018 |

It’s 2018 people. The year of new beginnings, hustling, and…..reality tv? It seems these days reality tv shows are popping up like hairspray manufacturers in the 1960’s! Whether you are a fan of reality tv or not, I am sure you have all heard of Bravos hit Million Dollar Listing. This is a show that follows a few of Los Angeles and New Yorks’ top Real Estate Agents “behind the scenes”. You get a taste of how the Real Estate business works while also getting to see some of the two cities luxury living.

While our little corner of West Michigan may not quite be in the same price bracket as what the show gears towards, I think that is exactly what makes Grand Rapids such a great option. You really get the best of all the worlds. Here is why Grand Rapids is the real deal.

  1. The traffic…or lack there of

As much as I have always been a city-girl myself, the traffic that comes along with that is one thing that I just cannot wrap my head around. Spending upwards of an hour just to get home every night?! No. thank you. Grand Rapids is great because you can almost always get from one end of town to the other in less than 20 minutes. Heck, on a good day I can make it all the way home to Zeeland in 30 minutes! 

2. Amazing restaurant options

One of my favorite things about places like New York, Chicago, and LA is all of the different restaurant options. When you visit the big cities you can pretty much have anything your craving at anytime of the day. As Grand Rapids continues to grow our list of restaurant options is only getting longer: high end steak houses, quaint farm-to-tables, and Spanish Tapas just to name a few. I can only imagine where we will be in the coming few years! 

3. Beer City U.S.A

Now this may not pertain to everyone but if you happen to be a beer lover, Grand Rapids is the city for you. With over 40 craft breweries in the local area you really have the world of beer at your finger tips! Don’t worry about having to travel too far because you basically can’t go a few blocks without running into a brewery.

4. Vacay is only 45-minutes away

What a lot of people don’t realize about Grand Rapids is how much is actually around the city! Spend a weekend lakeside in Holland and you will come back refreshed and recharged. With lots of good eats, the beach, and the perfect summers, you really can’t beat it. For a romantic weekend getaway take a drive to Saugatuck and enjoy the quaint beach town town after spending the afternoon on a wine tour at Fenn Valley. 

All of these things are really just touching the surface of why Grand Rapids is such a great place to live. However if you really don’t trust a locals opinion (ouch) let someone else tell you. This year we rank #1 on Trulia’s Hottest Real Estate Markets to Watch! We also ranked #2 on Cities that Millennials can actually afford and want to live in by The Penny Hoarder. Everyone else is starting to see the beauty of this city, and we think you should come check it out too. 

There you have it folks. Watch out New York and LA, Grand Rapids is coming for ya! 


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