One of the strategies I’ve been using with my clients is to look at homes that have been on the market for 7 days or more. In most cases the home is past what would have been a multiple bid situation and you have a greater chance of getting a Purchase Agreement accepted.

Just because the home didn’t go into a multiple bid situation doesn’t mean it’s a bad home or that anything is wrong with it.

Here are some reasons why it may still be on the market.

Fallen Through During Inspections- The home may have sold in the first week, but the buyers opted to walk during the inspection period. If the home didn’t have back-up offers it may be a good time to give it a peak!

Its Needs Some TLC- Homes that need updating such as wallpaper removal, painting and carpet removal don’t always show well. Most buyers aren’t willing to take on a lot of projects in their new home. If you’re a DIY’er that’s willing to get your hands dirty, you may be able to find a home quicker than you thought!

Doesn’t Show Well- A home that is cluttered with the owners belongings doesn’t always show well in photos or in person. If you can look past someone else’s stuff and imagine what it would look like as your home, you have a skill that will bid you well during the home shopping process!

Listed During A Slow Period- I recently listed a home before a holiday weekend and we didn’t see a great deal of showings and offers until the week after.

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