Matterport: Are You Ready to Explore the 3rd Dimension?

Matterport: Are You Ready to Explore the 3rd Dimension?

When I caught my first glimpse of Matterport technology back at the 2014 NAR – and then again earlier this year in New York at Inman Connect – I was amazed. The high-tech camera can quickly and seamlessly capture 360 degrees of imagery and stitch them together into one panning shot, transforming property listing photos into a 3-dimensional personal home tour experience.

Still, despite my amazement, I didn’t see Matterport technology as fit for regional adoption back in West Michigan, primarily due to the cost per scan. Surely the housing market here – well known for its affordability – wouldn’t be able to support the expensive new photo technology. Matterport’s slick imagery seemed better suited for oceanfront celebrity estates and clifftop mansions.

Well, it’s amazing how fast prices will fall when competition and innovation enter the picture. Less than a year after I first heard the name ‘Matterport’, three West Michigan companies are now regularly offering this service for local sellers. #SICK

What’s more, we are already seeing the housing market adapting marvelously in response to this new technology. We’ve tested the interest of our sellers, buyers and sphere of influence, and EVERYONE loves the 3D tours! So within the space of just a few short months, we have gone from hearing about Matterport technology for the first time to now building toward including Matterport photo shoots in our value proposition for new listings of 1500 sq/ft or more.

Why, you ask? Because part of our job as Realtors is putting our ability to market and sell a home at its top value to the best possible use. So we do it to stay relevant and competitive. We do it because our clients are willing to pay for it. Most importantly, we do it because it raises the bar of the real estate game, not just regionally but nationally.

It all goes back to basic customer service. We as Realtors must be willing to offer our clients the very best in service and tools if we want to secure a real sense of value in the customer’s mind. Marketing is one-third of the value I bring to my clients, and I strive to bring the very best game I’ve got when it comes to helping them sell their home.

You should, too.

Check a recent 3-D scan we did on 8344 Young Ave NE:


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November 25, 2015

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