“Look past the decor!”

…My buyers have heard me say this a hundred times.

The decor of a home can make a house sell FAST. I’m a true believer in staging and presenting your home as de-cluttered and cute as possible. The pictures are better, the actual showing is much easier and it usually sells faster (as long as pricing and other factors are aligned).

Sellers are becoming more knowledgeable on how to sell a home. So how are buyers reacting? I often see buyers become GEEKED about a dining room table or the curtains, or that super cute chandelier in the toddler girls room. It’s so important to look past the decor. If you can find a way to look past it, you may find yourself in a home faster than you thought you would in this market.

On the flip side, you need to be able to see what could be. Keep in mind the things you can’t change (easily at least) and the things that can be done with a low investment and some elbow grease (painting for example).

Does the home have the layout you want? The school district you need? A new roof? Maybe you don’t love the monkey wallpaper in the bedroom, or the garden needs a little love, but these are things that can be improved upon with a few hundred dollars, (if that) and a weekend of DIY work.

Being able to look past the decor, and being able to see what could be will give you a leg up as a buyer. One strategy I’ve been using (that has worked) is looking for homes that have been on the market for a week or more. The home may not be as perfect as you want it to be but on the flip side, you might sidestep a crazy bidding war!

As a home owner that has experience with flipping and remodeling, I can help you navigate the homes we see and help you to visualize what could be.


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