Knowledge is the New Real Estate Product, Not Technology

Knowledge is the New Real Estate Product, Not Technology

So I heard a broker say “The technology game is over and we only have knowledge left to sell with.”


I love this because niche marketing and market knowledge have always been some of the cornerstones of my career. There will always be a computer, website or another agent out there with a new shinny tool looking to take the market share away from you (the agent/broker/team). 

With the knowledge in your head, on your website and within your staff, your team cannot be remade by someone else. It’s through your filter you see the world around you and by that, you can share your perception of your neighborhood, city or block. Only you have the knowledge to provide to a consumer- that is where the true value is!

Get out there and start sharing your knowledge with the world! We all can gain great knowledge when sharing. In sharing, we can all be more human and be attracted to one another’s true humanity.

I challenge you to share this week and build on your success. Be a creator of content for the world! In return, help yourself grow, as well as your business.


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December 30, 2016

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