Is it time to give your home a fall touch? We have compiled a list of easy ways to spice up your home for this season. In addition, check out this link for some yummy fall treats!

  1. With your loved ones, collect paper leaves and write what you are thankful for and what you would like to give and share with others during this season. With those leaves, create a giving tree to use as a centerpiece for table.
  2. If you are on a decorating budget, create some paper pretties to drape over your fireplace.
  3. Stick with an orange and white color palette. Use orange and white pumpkins to create an autumn vibe for the bedside table, and add some orange leaves to the mix.
  4. PUMPKINS! Anywhere, any size. They are the best when you don’t want to put in much effort. Make them look fancier by placing them on baking pedestals to give the shelf more dimension.
  5. Warm things up with some dark red, orange and yellow pillows. By adding these pillows and throws, any room will have a rich, fall feel.
  6. Create a fun fall wall by adding black frames with fall sayings in them. “It’s fall y’all!”
  7. CANDLES. Who doesn’t love fresh falls scents?!  See my favorite fall candle here
  8. DIY wreaths are an easy fall decoration that can be made any way. Use leaves, ribbons or whatever you have laying around the house. Try adding in some acorns to give it an extra autumn touch.
  9. Try a more rustic decor by adding natural wood into the house. Even adding more firewood by the mantel can make a difference! You can also place some wooden baskets around the home and layer them with blankets, creating a cozier atmosphere.
  10. Lastly, take that mason jar you have lying around the home and fill them with leaves! You can always wrap the jar in burlap if you are feeling more festive.

Fall decorating should be fun & easy! Let us know if there are any other decorating tips you have come across that you love.

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