How Instagram is Changing the Game

How Instagram is Changing the Game

Instagram has started to change the game, especially for businesses. It has transitioned companies to adapt and change their marketing tactics. It has been recently discovered that social media marketing has a greater influence than banner ads, and with all of these different platforms, there are so many ways to influence potential consumers. Gaining followers is always exciting, but in the real estate world, how can we turn those instagram likes and comments into leads?

Here are some ways I use instagram for our real estate page:

It is important to first decide what you are trying to gain from each post. In our case, it would be future leads. Home buyers, sellers, searching for their next opportunity to get involved in the home buying process. What’s your brand all about? What kind of audience are you reaching out to? Anyone can buy a home, so our audience is pretty wide. BUT, a way to target that audience is by focusing on the West Michigan area and the local community.

I have found that “regramming” photos and featuring them on our company page has allowed us to build relationships around the community. Try regramming accounts in your area or with your target audience. By connecting with them, maybe some of their followers become interested in your company page as well. You never know, a page with thousands of followers could eventually regram your account, putting your business ahead of the competition. For more on this, checkout the app: “repost app”

Listing a property? Tag surrounding hotspots! I have found your post will receive more engagement by letting consumers know the hottest spots in town that are nearby.

Lastly, try using brand specific hashtags. If you are selling a condo, focus on #urbanliving, #condos, #downtowncondo, etc. Focus on what the consumer would be browsing for… #newhome, #newconstruction, etc.

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November 21, 2016

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