Have you heard of 20 Monroe Live?

Have you heard of 20 Monroe Live?

I am sure a lot of you have seen something about 20 Monroe Live on your newsfeed. So this is actually pretty neat, and I guess you could say I am excited about it. In short, The B.O.B has partnered with Live Nation on 20 Monroe Live, which is going to be Downtown’s awesome state-of-the-art entertainment venue which will be coming beginning of 2017! This venue will be able to seat about 2,580 people and will be full of concerts, good food, & good times, which are planned to be announced this Fall 2016. It will be a venue that is a mix between Van Andel and DeVos Hall, according to Gilmore, who owns the B.O.B entertainment complex. The modern, retro interior of the building will have a fun vibe and mimic the coolest trends of America’s great clubs throughout the years. The property will feature a movable stage and other features to really make it Downtown’s coolest hangout spot! The best part? The venue will also book weddings, festivals, private parties, etc.

Thanks to our friends at B.O.B for bringing another fun attraction to the city we love!

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September 15, 2016

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