Coffee Shops of Grand Rapids: Roots Brew Shop

Jan 12, 2018 |

Welcome to our new series: Coffee Shops of Grand Rapids. We’re going to show you all of the local options so that you can pick your favorite new caffeine supply!

The first coffee shop i’m visiting is Roots Brew Shop, a Steve Volkers Group favorite. As this coffee shop is conveniently (and dangerously) right across the road from our office building, we are quite the regulars. Whether it is for meetings or just to get out of the office there is a good chance you might run into one of us if you are here!

If you are looking for a friendly face and a cozy atmosphere, this coffee shop is great for you. Being welcomed with a smile and sitting at one of the eclectic furniture pieces adds to the ambience that is Roots Brew Shop. If you come during the day in the week there is a high chance you will find majority of the people working with their heads down and their earbuds in. It is a great place to change up your atmosphere and get some work done. 

I know the questions everyone is waiting for, how are the drinks? If I do say so myself, they have one of the best Chai Lattes that I have ever had, and I’ve had quite a few! They have a good selection of coffee options as well as loose leaf tea options, which means there is little bit for everyone. Our team of six all approves on Roots Brew Shop and we think you will too!

Have you ever been to Roots?! We would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Friday everyone,


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