Your Front Porch Matters

Your Front Porch Matters

When it comes to selling your home, your front porch matters. It’s the first impression that buyers have when they enter your home and it will set the tone for their entire showing experience. It also makes a big difference for potential buyers that are driving by. I honestly know that if someone was driving past my girlfriends Lindsey or Jordan’s homes, they would absolutely call up and request a showing. I owe them a big THANK YOU for allowing me to photograph their gorgeous front porches.

Just try to put yourself in a buyers shoes. If you are driving by a house and the front porch is bare, or dirty, would it entice you to check out the home? Or if you drive past a home, see the for sale sign in the front yard, the porch looks as darling as the ones in the pictures below, and it feels as if there is a big WELCOME sign on the front door, even if there isn’t, what would you do then? Pull over immediately and pull out your phone to find the listing? And maybe Pinterest. Most likely.


The neat thing about a front porch makeover is that it’s usually pretty cost effective in the grand scheme of home repairs and renovation costs. A painted door with a cute wreath and floor mat really do make a big difference. Below are some quick tips and thoughts on how to create a lasting first impression.


Swing It: 

If your porch is big enough for a porch swing, DO IT. Literally EVERYONE loves a porch swing. I’ve had buyers decide not to buy a house because the porch wasn’t big enough for a swing. If your porch isn’t big enough for a swing but could fit a rocker or two that will create the same type of effect.


Celebrate: Be festive! If you’re selling during a holiday feel free to decorate with your favorite holiday and seasonal decor. Wreathes, pumpkins, small lights. I wouldn’t turn your front stoop into an actual haunted house, but you get the idea.

Step It Up: If you have steps, utilize them. Place planters, herbs or other decor items on the steps. This tip goes for the inside of your home as well. I’ve used frames and small greenery on wooden steps in condos that I’ve staged. It gives the steps a bit of personality without being an overwhelming decor tactic.

There is Strength in Numbers: Really cute house numbers can make your front porch stand out. They don’t have to be too big or bright, but a bit of creativity can provide a lasting first impression.

Grab A Broom Sister: Seems simple, but sweep your steps, mow your lawn and wrap your hose up and put it away. A home ready to sell looks loved and lived in, but not in the pro cess of a remodel or project, as small as that project may be.


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October 6, 2017

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