Front Door Fix-Ups!

Front Door Fix-Ups!

Are you putting together a list of items to fix up before putting your house up for sale?

Consider tidying up your front door and it’s immediate surroundings to make a great first impression on buyers.

With each home I show, the buyer and I spend a descent amount of time standing at the front door. While I’m prepping my key fob to open the electronic lock box (which only works properly about 60% of the time J), we naturally chat about the front door and other details that are directly in front of us. Keep in mind that most buyers wear their detective hats to showings – they are TRYING to find things that are defective with your home and may become their problem someday if they decide to make an offer. Here is a quick list of repairs that I see all too often in case you are considering some front door fix-ups to help calm buyer concerns;

–       Make sure your front door can be easily opened, closed, locked and unlocked. You want buyers to be able to view the inside of your house too, right?

–       Give your door a quick cleaning. Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for any stubborn scuffs.

–       Paint and caulk front door trim, and any nearby window frames that could use some love.

–       Secure a loose handrail

–       Summer months – clean up your landscaping by picking weeds and trimming overgrown bushes, and mow the lawn regularly

–       Winter months – make sure your driveway/sidewalk is shoveled and salted

–       Do you have snags or tears in the screen door? Consider replacing the screen with it’s glass counterpart.

Ultimately, do whatever you can to show a prospective buyer that you have pride of ownership when it comes to your home, and make a great first impression!




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September 26, 2016

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