Email Marketing

Email Marketing

An email marketing strategy plays a huge role in your overall marketing plan. At Steve Volkers Group, we believe that by sending one email campaign a week allows us to have a big reach and put our messages in front of a lot of people at the same time. It’s basically a shortcut into some of the best marketing & it is extremely effective & easy, especially since it can be made ahead of time & scheduled for a preferred date & time. With email marketing as a tool that is easy to access & plan, we feel confident that we are on the right path for potential marketing success.

It is always important to play around with what day you send your email marketing campaigns out. Depending on the target location, some people tend to read emails during the week, while others are online during the weekends. Here at Steve Volkers Group, we have found a time & day that attracts the most clicked emails, but that can always depend on what is going on in your community. This leads me to my next point that email marketing can be changed & rescheduled whenever you feel that there are helpful tips & new resources for your readers that needs to be sent out.

With all email messages that get sent out, we always include contact information & links to our listings, events, websites & social media platforms. By having good content, your lasting impression will help potential clients to take the next step of seeking you out first by checking the message for your email address, phone number, or any social media user pages.

Take the plunge & start email marketing today!

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To see a previous email campaign by Steve Volkers Group, click the photo above!


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July 12, 2016

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