Deep Instead of Wide

Deep Instead of Wide

Within the business of selling real estate, we see teams, brokerages and many people growing. What I also see is a push to take what you have built and remake it in another location, market, city or country. This is amazing and I hope it works out for all of those that are pushing into this world of growth.

I would like to give a little advice from someone who has done that and thought going wide instead of deep would be healthy for my business. It wasn’t!

I always focused on % of market share but than I decided growth was a good option and that I needed to take it to the next level. The next level was compromised of three offices and spreading my staff, agents and talent around. This didn’t go as I hoped and I felt as if it broke down culture and people away from services to help them grow. 

Furthermore, the idea of going deep really calls me these days. When I hear a broker that had many locations talk about it at NAR, it really hit home because I fully understand. When you’re looking at the 2017 market, think about this first: “Is my group deep enough to go wide again?” 

Do I have the core team members I need to grow?

Is my staff trained to handle more?

Am I prepared to lead a bigger group of people?

How will going wide effect my family and friends?

How will going wide effect my personal well being?

Ask yourself these questions before jumping on the band wagon to expand your team, brokerage or even yourself.

My door is always open and I would love to help you answer the questions above!


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December 30, 2016

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