Coffee Shops of Grand Rapids: The Sparrows

Jan 26, 2018 |

This was my first time to The Sparrows Coffee & Tea & Newsstand, and it did not disappoint! Great atmostphere, great music, and great coffee, what more could a girl want?

The Sparrows (that I went to) is located in the #westside of Grand Rapids on the popular Bridge St. This street is quickly gaining popularity with restaurants like Butchers Union, The Knickerbocker, and Sovengard coming to town. As the years go on I am sure that it is only going to go up from here and soon more restaurants and shops will bring the street to life even more.

To be honest when I walked in I felt like I should be in a coffee shop in one of the hip-suburbs of Chicago. With a darker but neutral color scheme and lots of cute little plants it has a cozy yet modern atmosphere to it. The coffee shop is not very large which also adds to the cozy vibe. One of my favorite things about this coffee shop was all of the different drink options! If I am going to go to a coffee shop, you had better believe I am not getting a cup of regular coffee, I want something that I would not make myself at home. I went for the “Mokaya Mocha” and it was delicious. This was just one of many of their unique options. I mean how many coffee shops do you know of that use sweeten condensed milk as an ingredient in their drinks?!

If you haven’t been to The Sparrows Coffee yet and are looking for a cozy atmosphere, unique drink options, and an uptown vibe then this is the coffee shop for you! I certainly know that I will be back. Be sure to check out their other (and original) location on Wealthy Street as well!

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