Capture a potential client at the time of purchase, not at the sale

Capture a potential client at the time of purchase, not at the sale

When I go to the mall and walk into my favorite stores (banana republic, apple), I am greeted by a nice person at the front. I always thought it was nice of them to greet me and acknowledge my presence. I always knew it was part of the sale process for them to have to welcome any greeter. They will often ask before I have even started shopping if I would like them to get a dressing room started. At apple, for example, my name is put into a schedule for the next available representative.

I did not understand the correlation to my business other than having a nice website, brand or person on the phone when a customer would call. This is logical, right?

We, in real estate, have also had it yelled at us that when you contact a consumer back from an inquire within minutes, you have a bigger percent chance they will become your client, not the next agents.

Again, I get all of that, but it did not soak in until this week.

The point of sale is not meeting the consumer at the house or just taking the listing. The point of sale is the very first interaction as if they walked into my store and I am greeting them.

The point of sale steps for a Customer in Real Estate are: 

  1. First time they see my brand on or offline
  2. Next step is the first time they raise their hand. (open house, website inquiry, call or text)
  3. Scheduling first appointment
  4. First appointment
  5. Signing paperwork

Now it’s all about servicing the customer as they have made the purchase. Everything after this point determines if the customer is happy and comes back to buy your produce/service again.

This coincides with the retail shopping experience:

  1. See the brand online or off
  2. Walk in and greeted at the door
  3. Showing me the product or getting me a dressing room
  4. Help me understand the product to find the best fit to fill my needs
  5. Checking out and paying for the product

You see, in real estate, we think the point of sale starts by setting the first appointment. That leads us to lose most of our clients as they already moved on to the other agent/broker/team.

If you are working on your business this winter, one thing you should focus on is your point of sale. Steps 1 and 2 will help you gain more clients and service, as well as new and happy customers.


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December 30, 2016

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