We are here to answer your questions, sellers!

We are here to answer your questions, sellers!

Overtime, we have met clients that have sold many homes before, but there are always new sellers out there who have many questions. These questions come from the fact that selling a home isn’t an undertaking that is practiced routinely by home owners and also that certain regulations can change all of the time.

Let us help you with this process by first answering those ongoing questions you may have. 

The first place to start when considering putting your home for sale is to become better prepared about the process. You can always check out our sellers form to learn more about what information you will need to know.

Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions from sellers!

  1. When is the best time to sell my home? This is always a tricky question to fully answer because the real estate market changes all of the time, especially based on demographics. Sometimes it is better to sell when there is a lower competition because a future buyer is probably very set and stone on purchasing a home. This is a question you will want to talk to your agent about, based on the time, season, market, etc. Have trust in your agent, they will guide you in the best way possible!
  2. Are there many factors to consider when selling my home? When you put your home up for sale, future buyers are looking for a reasonable price that matches the condition and location of your home. Choosing the right agent is also important on how they can market and advertise your home and get it the exposure it needs to sell quickly.
  3. How much is my home really worth? One of the best perks to owning your home is the ability to make have control and improve it how you’d like, or how you think future buyers would like. Find out what draws a buyer to a home, and make some small improvements before listing your home. Try avoiding comparing your house to the other houses in the neighborhood, this can cause your home to stay on the market longer than you would want and that is never fun.
  4. How long will it take to sell my home? Time will always vary based on the area your house is listed and for the price it is listed at. Don’t ever let this get you down! This is the time when marketing comes in handy, and spreading the word about your listing is key. Although the realtor will do his or her job, take part in sharing your listing on all of your social networks as well! You never know who may see it.
  5. Do I need to be present when future buyers view my home? This is probably the easiest question to answer from the most common ones. Usually, the seller should not be present! It isn’t because the future buyer won’t like you, but it is because you want to make sure the buyer feels comfortable to talk open and freely with the real estate agent about your home. All in all, it would just be pretty awkward if you were standing there. Schedule times with you realtor for you to be out of the home for a few while the buyer takes a look around and hopefully puts in an offer 🙂

Do you feel like a selling expert now? No, probably not & THAT IS OKAY! First time sellers will always be on edge the first time, BUT you can prepare and learn from your local real estate agent who can ease this process for you. Now is still a great time to buy or sell and we hope you choose Steve Volkers Group to help you on your next adventure.

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September 21, 2016

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